Ancient History

Like the Sumarians

Where the first river valley flowed

And the Romans

With their emperors and their roads

Like the Egyptians

With their science and tech headstarts

Like the Greeks

And their philosophy and their art

Like the Aztecs

With their agriculture of course

Like the Byzantines

And their exceptional military force

Like the Kush

Where skillful archers were made

Like the steppes

For its routes of travel and trade

Like the Indus valley

For its systems of measures and weights

And their building tricks

Of a highly advanced sort of state

Like the Phoenicians time

And a thousand years at sea

Like the world a long, long time ago

You’re ancient history.

He Chopped Off Her Head

Your eyes were like two pools of blue

Your hair as soft as silk

Your lips were like a red, red rose

Your skin as white as milk

I asked if you would walk with me

I asked you for your hand

You promised to love me true

And I gave you a wedding band

And then we had some very good years

I know that we did thrive

And every day I thought I was

The luckiest man alive

One night you crept into the bed

And you were cold as ice

You had been out all night

And from your lips came lies

I found the man who stole your heart

The man who turned your head

I found the man who took my love

I found him in our bed

I loved you more than life itself

I loved you oh, so much

You have surely broken me

And now my mind is touched

I was enraged, I saw red

I didn’t know what to do

I’m quite sure that I lost my head

Now you will lose yours too

I took an axe high in the air

In frenzy, I did swing

I chopped off your lovely head

And then took back my ring

And before he had a chance to run

I took him out as well

There was some blood, just a bit

Before his body fell

I burned your bodies that same night

And put your heads on stakes

And now you are together forever

And lots of love can make

And now I’ve found another love

Only now it’s me who’s blue

For I’m a rogue and a scoundrel you see

And I am never true

I wish and hope with all my heart

She’ll find me in our bed

With another in adultery

And she’ll chop off my head

Quote Of The Week

‘I’ll not be vain or conceited anymore. People will think much less of me but that can’t be helped.’ But the funny thing was that everyone thought much more of Clickety Clack when he became humble and modest. They liked him very much, and often had happy evenings with him in his little toadstool cottage.’

Clickety Clack from Round The Clock StoriesEnid Blyton

Quote Of The Week

‘It looks like the most passive activity known to man; people who give ‘reading’ as their hobby qualify themselves as automatic wallflowers. Yet reading has rocked more worlds, turned more heads, changed more lives than sex, drugs and Nintendo put together.’

I Knew I Was RightJulie Burchill

Lonely Town

I know a place called Lonely Town

It’s got a pub and a resident clown

It has no lights that go on at night

It just gives up, without a fight

It has no hope, no belief

It can’t forgive, this town of grief

Lonely Town, need to get away

Outstayed my welcome, don’t want to stay

Time to forgive, time to hope

Time to cut this binding rope

I’ll pack my bags, won’t back down

No backward glance, I’ll leave this town

Once, you served me well

Like sadists often do

But now, Lonely Town, I’m moving on

To pastures green and new.

Missing You

I’m missing you, there’s a deep dark hole, right there, right here, in my grieving soul.

I miss you because you were bad for me, I am a masochist, that’s plain to see.

I’m missing you, with every fibre of my being, but the person you are, is not the person I’m seeing.

Time will heal, that’s what they say, but the time that’s passed, seems only one day.

‘With attachment comes suffering’, the wise say it too, but it’s the price of being human. What else can we do?

So let’s just say I’m over you and all your evil lies, I have said my last farewell and all my great goodbyes.

I won’t be missing you any longer, you are always in my heart. When I start to love myself, that’s when my life will start.