Space-The Final Frontier

Had to move some furniture out of my brain today

A dog eared three piece suite was in the way

An old oak sideboard up against the hippocampus

Time to clear the dust and all the fretting fuss

I’ll get a lockpick made for the hypothalmus

In the olfactory bulb, I’ll put some fresh roses

A feather duster to sweep away the neurosis

I’ll decorate down the corridor in the cove

Get some swatches for the temporal lobe

But to be honest, my first thought is

To make a light and airy cerebral cortex

I’ll put some curtains in the pituitary

And where troubles jostle for supremecy

I’ll try to find that lock without a key

Those piles of worries have been there since year dot

One man and his van could rid me of the lot

Declutter, you mustn’t hoard inside your head

And hide the dark and dour under its bed

Seek shiny clean and everything in its place

Functional and minimal brain space

Got grief relief by sweeping it under the rug

The sadness and the loss that wouldn’t budge

I’ll move this furniture round and about

I’ll get a skip and bring it out!

In the frontal lobe now, not so many falls

No knees and elbows banging into walls

Stumbling in the amygdala was a fight

I got some lighting on the stairs to make it bright

And now, I’m slowly finding that

There is some room in here to swing a cat

I will always strive and try to find

That elusive, peaceful feng shui of the mind

Come Into My Parlour

Come into my parlour

I’ve a gun pressed to your head

You can lead a horse to water

But a pencil must be lead

Come into my parlour

It really is quite nice

There’s nothing there to hurt you

It is as quiet as mice

I know you’ll be so bored

I know you’d rather be

Just about anywhere

Except here with me

But I know you want me

Come on, don’t pretend

Well, come into my parlour

And I’ll show you how it ends

I came into your parlour

Come on, don’t be shy

Just come into my parlour

It’s a good day to die

You think I am aloof

I think you are a creep

Let’s go into my parlour

Where you can get some sleep

You nearly had me stolen

You nearly duped me good

But come into my parlour

And I will show you how it could

Pan out in the heat

With the spider losing out

And the fly winning royally

By stamping on your feet

Just come into my parlour

As you once said to me

I have something to show you

Under floorboards- six foot deep.

Platinum Jubilee Queen

It used to be silver

Then it was gold

She was always a diamond

Who couldn’t be sold

And now it is platinum

And so it should be

For seventy years

She’s kept dignity

She’s a trooper

And not just of the colour

A Queen by nature

They’ll be no other

She’s one in a million

Top notch – she’s ace

She’s held down this job

With composure and grace

We’ll celebrate

As best as we can

A tonic for the nation

Happy Birthday Ma’am.

There’s No Time Like The Present

There’s no time like the present

Present means gift

It’s now or never, it’s here somehow

But it always goes adrift

The gift of where we are right now

Is staring us in the face

Right where we stand, this second

Right here, in this place

Well…it was here a second ago

But now it’s out of date

Oh, hang on, it’s coming up again…

All we have to do is wait

Ah, but now it’s the future

And still it won’t last

And as I’ve been writing

It’s become the past

Live in the present

Because it’s gone

In the blink of an eye

There are many presents to open

Many ribbons to untie

See how precious it is

Like a jewelled crown

It’s like a butterfly

Except it can’t be pinned down

So enjoy this moment, this hour, this day

And keep your presence

Close to the present

Before it flies away.

My Cup Overfloweth

I have everything I need

God has given it to me

In abundance.

I want for nothing.

Yet, I have still been unhappy

Plagued by petty worries

And by what I deem to be important

But none of it isn’t, really

Not in the big scheme of things

What we cannot change



Current concerns


Sleepless Nights

Fears and insecurities


We should accept them all

And not fight them, at all

Because everything changes

It’s the nature of the world

I have felt trapped in the past

But realised

Those times were actually the happiest in my life

But I didn’t see it.



Some people say

No rest for the wicked

I say,

No rest for the blessed.

So much to be grateful for.

If we would only look

Take away the veil

From our eyes

And see

Hindsight is twenty twenty

But all we can do

Is learn from our mistakes.

When the grass is mowed right down

That’s when you will see the flower buds.

When the night is obtuse

That’s when you will see

The light transparent.


When you feel trauma

You’re closest to peace.

Or realisation

To the fact

That it is time

To start appreciating yourself

And look at what you actually have.

As opposed to what you want

Or think you need.

Find the Lion’s Courage

That you didn’t know you had.

We don’t know what we have

Until we no longer have it.

So be mindful

And vividly imagine losing all that you have now

Absolutely everything, imagine.

So that you will be so grateful for what you do have.

If you think nothing good happens to you

Look in the detail

In the small things

The small things are what you ultimately need

And appreciating them will make the small things big

Not just in these dark times

But in all times

Never lose sight of your gratitude

And for all the wonderful things

That have happened to you

And are happening to you

And will happen to you

For there will be many

Among the chaos of life.

May Your Cup Overfloweth.

Don’t Feed Negativity

Don’t feed negativity

Don’t even give it scraps

Stay focused

Even in misery

And doubt

Don’t put out the cat

Instead put negativity out

Then close the door

Lock it

Chain it

Whatever you do,

Don’t let it back in

Even if it begs

On the step


And complains of

Hunger and thirst

And moans gently

Every hour

On the hour

Don’t even think

About the creature

You threw out

As it frantically claws at your panes.

Eventually, it will give up

And move on.

And wander through dry, arid places

And latch onto

To another

Who is open

And addicted

To the pain

As you once were

Let them feed it.

For they’ll know

Soon enough

If it fits in

With their life

And can sleep on their hearth

By the fire

Warming itself

And getting

Lots of treats

For being bad.

There’s no snug den

For it here anymore

Don’t Feed Negativity.