Summer 2015

Welcome to my blog, entitled ‘Things In My Head’, which, at the time seemed like a pretty cool name but, in hindsight, just sounds like I have nits.

Did you know that inspiration is a lie? You don’t have to be inspired to write. Just write peeps, write!

Theatre Plays and Novels

Maritime Crime


24 thoughts on “Biography”

    1. Now that’s a spam.
      So how come Akismet let that through but torpedoed my Johnny Cash comment?

      I swear these fuckin’ computers are out to get us.


  1. ‘it’s better out than in’

    My Scottish friend always used to say, ‘you cannae hold what’s not in your hand’. It was normally followed by a fart, but i think its also relevant to the things in your head.

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  2. Your blog is a debut of what blogging should be to every blogger
    and your talent comprise creativity, innovation, and productivity and you are a lover
    of weaving words into magic comprising the music of literary content
    briging Mankind contentment in Civilization
    with your subject matter creations!!!!

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  3. Your blog is akin to turning a house into a home patience, skills, decor, and loving
    that-which you, the author achieved with your time=equal creative-innovative accomplishments!

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  4. Your biography is top-notch-$top draw$
    we have met here
    you can make $millions$ guiding my writing career
    I feel this=God endowed me to write
    and bestowed within me original ideas
    to write-write-write
    you know you are called upon to guide me to greatness!!!


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