January Joy

There must be joy in January

There must be joy you know

There has to be love in winter

There must be fun in snow

There has to be joy in first month blues

Somewhere there is thrills

Kisses in the cold

Fire in icicles

There will be joy in January

As dark and as bleak as it seems

There have to be smiles in January

That toast down to our dreams

As we snuggle down in bed

After long short day of pain

Hope of burning embers

In drawn out schemes again

There is joy in January

I know it to be true

January tells the truth

It’s all that it can do

It won’t say, ‘Spring is near!’

‘Keep your eye on that April day!’

It will tell the truth

And say it is far away.

‘Love me, I’m one of the twelve!’

Says abandonment issues Jan

‘Don’t wish for me to go

I am what I am!’

Everyone negging on January

Wanting it to go

Shunning and shaming it

And hating on it so

So, let’s get on some January Joy

For the umpteenth time

Remember New Year Resolutions

We made at Auld Lang Syne

Maybe good can come from that

Positive action we can do

It doesn’t have to be a trial

That we always put ourselves through

Baby steps in the shallow end

No deep dives in the pool

January can be joyful

January can be cool.

No-one Ever Told Me

No-one ever told me

About midnight snacks

Sometimes late at night…

hunger attacks!

No-one ever told me

They only ever mutter

That you can put on pounds

If you eat a pound of butter

No-one ever told me

That calories can be empty

And sometimes they’re the very ones

That very often tempt me

No-one ever told me

That I could lose weight with ease

If only I could stop eating

All that chocolate and cheese

Thank you Ma’am

The Queen has gone to heaven

The King now reigns on earth

He has known that this would happen

It was planned straight from his birth

Seventy years on the throne

Steadfast, strong and never loud

Wise and gentle, like a friend

Thank you Ma’am, you did us proud

You left us just as summer ended

Where you are going, you won’t need a coat

You’re off to pastures green and new

I’ll miss you on the twenty pound note

I’ll miss your calm demeanour

I’ll miss your consistency

I’ll miss your beautiful smile

There are many millions like me

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree

But leaders like you, can there be others?

I hope and pray King Charles The Third

That your reign is as great as your mothers.

Platinum Jubilee Queen

It used to be silver

Then it was gold

She was always a diamond

Who couldn’t be sold

And now it is platinum

And so it should be

For seventy years

She’s kept dignity

She’s a trooper

And not just of the colour

A Queen by nature

They’ll be no other

She’s one in a million

Top notch – she’s ace

She’s held down this job

With composure and grace

We’ll celebrate

As best as we can

A tonic for the nation

Happy Birthday Ma’am.

There’s No Time Like The Present

There’s no time like the present

Present means gift

It’s now or never, it’s here somehow

But it always goes adrift

The gift of where we are right now

Is staring us in the face

Right where we stand, this second

Right here, in this place

Well…it was here a second ago

But now it’s out of date

Oh, hang on, it’s coming up again…

All we have to do is wait

Ah, but now it’s the future

And still it won’t last

And as I’ve been writing

It’s become the past

Live in the present

Because it’s gone

In the blink of an eye

There are many presents to open

Many ribbons to untie

See how precious it is

Like a jewelled crown

It’s like a butterfly

Except it can’t be pinned down

So enjoy this moment, this hour, this day

And keep your presence

Close to the present

Before it flies away.

Hiding In The Shadows

It’s hiding in the shadows

I say it won’t last

The murky old memories

Cobwebs of the past

Detritus and debris

Lying on the floor

The body of regret

Dead behind the door

Bitterness and sorrow

Smells of rot and rust

Of damp, dark mildew

Of mold, dank and must.

It’s hiding in the shadows

The pain and the love

The joy and the anger

Mingle in the dust

The hopes and the what-if’s

Broken dreams, failed schemes

Scramble for the strip of light

That peeps beyond the beams

I listen for footsteps

But they are silent in the hall

What’s hiding in the shadows

Won’t come out at all.

Is frozen in the distance

And cannot move or go.

It’s stuck in aged decades

Of many moons ago.

This shadow is looming

And it won’t let me be.

What’s hiding in the shadows

Well, that thing…

Is me.