Quote Of The Week

‘Tried to write a startlingly new and original, brilliantly funny and thought-provoking piece for Python. Did this by staring out of the window, playing with paper clips and shutting my eyes for long periods,’

Michael Palin – Diary Entry- Friday 7th March 1980 Halfway To Hollywood. Volume Two. Diaries 1980-88

Quote Of The Week

‘When you’re out of your depth, keep your gob shut and your ears open.’

-Lancashire Adage

Tom O’ConnerTake A Funny Turn

Quote Of The Week

‘If ever I’m flapping about any decision, I ask myself whether my over riding motivation is love or fear. If it’s the latter, the decision is usually a bad one. I want to find the love and beat the fear into a pulp.’

Frank SkinnerDispatches From The Sofa