Measured and Moderate

It’s hard to be measured

And moderate

And daily bread

And not do one hundred things

In one day

And spend the next four weeks in bed

I aim to be measured

And moderate

And in all things temperate be

A fully funtioning member

Of society

I aim to be

The person that people come to

For support and hope

And cake and tea

I aim to be the person

Who I would love to be

I aim to be measured and moderate

In all that I do.

Measure me out

On the scales of human kindness

And hopefully I won’t slide

Further down one side

And just have an equilibrium

That will see me steady

And going down that narrow road

So straight and smooth

Not rocky at all

I’ve stopped rhyming…

But I’m old and weathered

That happens sometimes

When you’re not moderate

Or measured.