My Pixie Boots

At my local Writers Group, part of the session involves an improvised writing exercise. We are given a writing prompt and then we have approximately ten minutes to write something and then have to read it out. Last time, we had to write a poem or story on boots or shoes, that were important to us in some way.  I’m in awe of people who can write improvised poems, or indeed any creative writing that is ‘off the cuff’ and under pressure. Also, people who can just take out a notepad on the bus and start writing. I normally need a good comfort zone and lots of time to write, with no time limits or restrictions. I’ve done improv acting but never impro writing, until lately. I’m learning in that sphere and it’s interesting. Didn’t know I had it in me to be spontaneous.  It’s scary but I think practice is the key.  If you keep doing something, you get better at it and one day, hopefully, it’s not scary at all. So here’s an impro writing exercise I did on boots. My first ever impro poem!


Pixie Boots

I am but a thimbleful

I roam in strange hours

I sip from buttercups

And abseil from flowers

I climb to the top

Of the ivy on the wall

There’s not many pixies

Who can do that at all

I saddle a slug

And we ride the soil

Jump over cabbages

It’s not much of a toil

I’ve not lost a feather

I’m full of spice and pep

My pixie boots

Have lots of mileage yet

And when the sun is tired

And I feel sleepy too

I snuggle in the moss

And say goodnight to you.





Autumn Tints

She’s just slipping into

her sophisticated gown

It fits like a glove

Lays a train all around

The neckline is green

And the colours on the bust

Are chestnut, coffee, hazel

Auburn, tawny, rust.

We see the seasons fashions

Start to unfold

The waistline is burnt orange

The skirt is copper gold

The hemline is yellow

With warm and earthy tones

Embellished and bedecked

With pink and purple stones

Now she’s dancing on the ground

And it is her sole duty

To be the belle of the ball

This graceful autumn beauty

Quote Of The Week

‘I was born with a happy nature and a happy heart. I was born with the gift of understanding people and loving them and I’ve never been unhappy. I’ve always seen the light at the end of the tunnel.’

Quote Of The Week

‘Our intentions are what we produce in this life. I didn’t realise that your dreams can come true. I used to think it was coincidence but now I believe it’s the concentration of your thoughts, over a long time, that bring your dreams to fruition. You draw your own destiny towards you.’

Margi Now You See Me – Memoirs Of A Working Class Diva Margi Clarke