Quote Of The Week

‘I’ll not be vain or conceited anymore. People will think much less of me but that can’t be helped.’ But the funny thing was that everyone thought much more of Clickety Clack when he became humble and modest. They liked him very much, and often had happy evenings with him in his little toadstool cottage.’

Clickety Clack from Round The Clock StoriesEnid Blyton

Quote Of The Week

‘It looks like the most passive activity known to man; people who give ‘reading’ as their hobby qualify themselves as automatic wallflowers. Yet reading has rocked more worlds, turned more heads, changed more lives than sex, drugs and Nintendo put together.’

I Knew I Was RightJulie Burchill

Poem by Auntie Winnie

My husband’s Auntie Winnie was a lovely person. She was one of the first people he introduced me to and she warmly welcomed me into her family, twenty seven years ago. She was a much beloved sister, wife, mother and grandmother. Winnie sadly passed six weeks ago. Throughout her life, she was a prolific poet and writer. This was one of her very many poems, which was discovered after her passing.

‘What is it that beholds an air

A footstep on the stair of life

A whispered thought still in my mind

Of what I’ve lost and cannot find

Still I will seek until the day

My melancholy slips away

And when that comes

And heartaches cease-

I will know at last

I’ve found my peace.’

by Winnie Stephenson

Ode To Adam Fresco

He wouldn’t let us eat him, or drink him during break

He never let us beat him, or bake him in a cake

But never once did we wish to cut off his legs

Or impale him on a stick

We wouldn’t dream of killing him, for fear of making him sick

He taught us how to act, had passion for plays

Knew all about the theatre, made us crave the stage

I think he understood us, like great teachers only could

And I think we understood him, like only mothers could

Now Adam’s in New Zealand, doing all of the same things

Encouraging students writing

And inspiring all their dreams.