Summer 2015

Welcome to my blog, entitled ‘Things In My Head’, which, at the time seemed like a pretty cool name but now, in hindsight, it just sounds like I have nits.

Sue Young was born in 1969 in Kirkby, near Liverpool, England. She began writing poetry and short stories from a young age. She wrote her first play at nineteen and it was performed by The Rathbone Theatre, in Speke, Liverpool. Her second play was commissioned and performed by Kirkby Response Theatre. She went on to write many more plays and several novels.

Her most recent play ‘The Christmas Truce’, was performed by The Lancastrian Players in December 2014 to commemorate the centenary. She has appeared in both professional and amateur theatre productions and continues to act and write.
Sue is married and now lives in Blackpool, England with her husband and two cockatiels.

Theatre Plays and Novels




  1. ‘it’s better out than in’

    My Scottish friend always used to say, ‘you cannae hold what’s not in your hand’. It was normally followed by a fart, but i think its also relevant to the things in your head.

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