I’m Not Breaking Promises

I’m not breaking promises

To myself anymore

I’m not slamming my fingers

In the door anymore

I’m not sabotaging the things

That are good for me

I’m not holding on

To the ‘pain-body

I’m not saying God

Won’t give me wings

‘Cos now I know

That he forgives me things

There’s so much more

That He will do

I just really need

To forgive others too.

And it’s time to stop

The sackcloth and ashes

It’s time to stop

The thousand lashes

It’s time…

I stopped the war.

I’m not breaking promises

To myself anymore.

Tonight After Midnight

When darkness and shadow come creeping in

I think of you and my night begins

I close my eyes and silence comes

The strains – they fade

And tranquility hums

And then I see you

There is peace to find

You appear quite clearly, there, in my mind

You sit there by my sleepy hollow

You sit there by my bed

And in your hand you hold a rose

Of softest deepest red

And all the night long you smile

You’re there it seems for eternity

Until morning comes and calls to me