I Hope Your Troubles Don’t Hurricane Your Life

I hope your troubles

Don’t hurricane your life

I hope extreme emotional turbulence

Doesn’t undo you.

I hope you overcome

The hurricanes of life

And they don’t define you

Or make you bitter and twisted

Or frighten you

Or unkind you

And make you indifferent


Or apathetic

But as with most things

Hurricanes disperse

I hope your hurricanes

Drift along

Expend energy harmlessly

Into the ocean

And melt off into the mist

Where they can do no harm to no-one

Especially yourself.

Watch it go.

Quote Of The Week

‘I was never going to have things the way I wanted them, no matter how vivid they seemed in my imagination. In a way, life itself was an improvisation, in which I was going to have to deal with what came to me and not think about what should have come.’

Never Have Your Dog StuffedAlan Alda