PreLockdown Tension

Prelockdown tension

Is too tight to mention

It doesn’t make me sore

I’ve been here before

We’ve all been here

We know the drill

But prelockdown tension

Is making me ill

Actually it’s not.

It’s quite okay

I’m thinking I’ll

Get through it

In the usual way

It’s all about compliance

It’s just like the first one

It’s not rocket science

It’s not a big con

And wash your hands of course

I know that you do

As England goes into

Lockdown Version 2

We know we won’t put up

much of a fight

As we all turn into pumpkins

At midnight.

Loneliness, suddenly.

Because I can’t hug people, I suddenly really want to hug people, and yet, I’ve never really been a people person. Maybe I will be after this.

And, because I can’t talk to people face to face…I suddenly want to talk to people. I never really thought about it too much before., the human touch, and how we all need it.

Today, while necessity shopping, a lovely lady of senior years, wearing bright blue plastic gloves greeted me with a cheery ‘Good Morning’, from across the road. That meant a lot. People will beat it somehow. They find a way. Suddenly, I was a dry sponge, that soaked up any water coming my way. Strange, how much it warmed my soul. I felt a connection, and again, just a minute later, a tattooed young man, all bristling muscles, in his front garden, hosing it clean, water flooding out his gate, touching the toes of my boots, said ‘Hello,’

Hello.’ I answered, and again, my mood lifted just a little, just enough to get through another day.

Social distancing maybe. Voice distancing? Na.

Again, that strange warmth…glow whatever. People find a way. They always find a way. Thank God.