Loneliness, suddenly.

Because I can’t hug people, I suddenly really want to hug people, and yet, I’ve never really been a people person. Maybe I will be after this.

And, because I can’t talk to people face to face…I suddenly want to talk to people. I never really thought about it too much before., the human touch, and how we all need it.

Today, while necessity shopping, a lovely lady of senior years, wearing bright blue plastic gloves greeted me with a cheery ‘Good Morning’, from across the road. That meant a lot. People will beat it somehow. They find a way. Suddenly, I was a dry sponge, that soaked up any water coming my way. Strange, how much it warmed my soul. I felt a connection, and again, just a minute later, a tattooed young man, all bristling muscles, in his front garden, hosing it clean, water flooding out his gate, touching the toes of my boots, said ‘Hello,’

Hello.’ I answered, and again, my mood lifted just a little, just enough to get through another day.

Social distancing maybe. Voice distancing? Na.

Again, that strange warmth…glow whatever. People find a way. They always find a way. Thank God.

10 thoughts on “Loneliness, suddenly.”

  1. What a beautiful world we live in; this COVID-19 slowly turning introverts’ mindset but can’t escape the fact that people are always trying to connect no matter what. Even this will soon be overπŸ™πŸ™

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