Vanished Into Thin Air

Things In My Head

My 18 year old daughter got a job

as a magicians assistant

But one day came home


The magician had ‘too many hands’

He’s like an octopus,” she said

and More Besides, but

She Wouldn’t Tell

And I delved into The Magic Circle

Learned some tricks

And armed with a rusty saw

Went to see the magician

And made him Vanish Into Thin Air

-Sue Young

I wrote this just lately but it is based on a real experience that happened twenty years ago. I was 26 and a colleague of mine was 18. We were both on a drama course and were given the opportunity to apply for a job as a magician’s assistant. I was going to apply but at the last moment had misgivings, can’t imagine why and I didn’t apply. The 18 year old girl applied and got the job very quickly and easily…

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