A Brighter, Better Springtime

Let’s celebrate this season

It’s springtime at last

So far, we’ve had heat waves

And cold winter blasts

A spiritual awakening

A time for hope

A moment for faith

An era for growth

While we may not have sun

That’s warm enough to burn

The cycle of life

Has finally returned

There’s a bitter side to spring

Many people get depressed

Overwhelmed by expectations

To be their very best

Spring is when many

Mental battles are fought

And not just at Christmas

As is commonly thought

For some, spring is often

When morale takes a dive

It is also when people

Take their own lives

Outside is now thriving

But inside not so

The heart may be frozen

And cold just like snow

When I was summer

I resisted spring

But now I’m in Autumn

It’s a wonderful thing

I hope that they see

Through the dark and the grey

A light shining through

To a brighter day

I pray that all

Of the shadows are chased

For those who can’t smile

When the sun strokes their face.

-Sue Young

One thought on “A Brighter, Better Springtime”

  1. I’m glad you said it. Just try convincing people that winter or Christmas (different seasons in this part of the world) aren’t the peak times for suicidality and self-harm.

    I remember reading a study a few years back that found a gender difference in seasonal suicidality, with men showing a single clear peak in spring but women having two peaks, in spring and autumn. But I haven’t been able to find it to check how robust the findings were. There’s a bit of a replication crisis in science, with the mind sciences affected worse than most, so drawing conclusions from a single study is probably unwise.

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