Vanished Into Thin Air

My 18 year old daughter got a job

as a magicians assistant

But one day came home


The magician had ‘too many hands’

He’s like an octopus,” she said

and More Besides, but

She Wouldn’t Tell

And I delved into The Magic Circle

Learned some tricks

And armed with a rusty saw

Went to see the magician

And made him Vanish Into Thin Air

-Sue Young

I wrote this just lately but it is based on a real experience that happened twenty years ago. I was 26 and a colleague of mine was 18. We were both on a drama course and were given the opportunity to apply for a job as a magician’s assistant. I was going to apply but at the last moment had misgivings, can’t imagine why and I didn’t apply. The 18 year old girl applied and got the job very quickly and easily. Perhaps a little too quickly and easily. I was really pleased for her but at the audition, he asked her to take her top and bra off. It was that kind of magicians assistant. She didn’t do as he asked and she didn’t take up the job as a result. I was both surprised and relieved that she hadn’t done as he asked because she was so niave and had injured instincts and let men paw her left, right and centre normally. (I’ve been there myself, so I know) So glad that she took a stand on that one. I’m pretty sure it was touch and go.  Just remember feeling protective and upset as a result.  And it’s only now as a wiser woman, with a wisdom and a confidence and an anger, that I didn’t have at the time, that I feel I would actually take some revenge. Or at least entertain the thought. Maybe not revenge but some action. And I’m sorry that I was too young or too selfish at the time to do that. She may not have been my daughter, but she could have been and as an older, wiser woman looking back, those feelings rise up now.

And that’s where it comes from.

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