I’m In Love With Today

I’ll have rage on the rocks with a bitter twisted lemon

Peanuts in a bowl, to kill the hunger in my soul

There. That’s better. First one down the hatch. Now I’m starting to get the feeling that’s it’s not going to be such a bad day after all.

Put something on the jukebox, something tribal, incoherent, no sad songs, or weary ballads.

Won’t you join me in a vodka tsunami?

Let’s put the world to rights. Problems solved in a flash

over liquid lunch and liquid dinner

Let’s bring water to this desert

Let’s bring foliage sweet and green

Because this day is turning out to be a great day

Oh, look, there’s an oasis

Oh no, it’s just a mirage

Of time lost

And people wasted

Or is the other way round?

It’s a lovely day today, don’t you think?

Come on, it’s your round, make it a double, or a pint.

Something to soak up this dried up emptied out hallowed out I’m-spitting-feathers sponge

Nothing left to say

Nothing left to do

But celebrate

Because I don’t know about you…but quite frankly

I’m so in love with today right now.

I can see the bottom of the glass

And I don’t want to see the end of anything

So keep ’em topped up

‘cos it’s a wonderful day

Have I mentioned this? Oh, I have?

My memory’s not too good lately

God know why.

It’s a mystery.

Well, I’ll say it again

I’m in love with today

But I’m going to hate tomorrow.

-Sue Young

Hitting The Sauce

My niece is thirty this November. I recently got in touch with her after not being in contact for two years. It’s the longest time we’ve ever gone without contact, simply because life got in the way. We would always see each other quite regularly and I realised just how much I’d missed her.

We wrote this little ditty together back in our darker days, when life was more challenging than it is now. There was a time when we both needed a drink to get through the hell that was our life. I hope I’m not being over dramatic here (and they say the past always looks sweeter in hindsight).

Well, anyway, this is what we wrote together. Although, I’m fairly certain she wrote most of it. She’s a very talented lady. To Kerry. Let’s try not to let life get in the way again. It’s far too short.

Hitting The Sauce

Lager, cider, wine and port,

Rum, brandy, vodka quart.

Gin, ale, alcopops,

Baileys, Barcadi, tequila shots.


Bucks fizz, snow balls, Aussie whites,

Gettin’ blind on all the nights.

Champagne, absinthe, lotsa sherry.

The stuff to down when you wanna get merry.



Let’s get loaded.

Let’s get pissed,

Let’s get drunk,

On Vodka Twists.


Pernod, Bourbon and JD,

Lots of drinkin’ for you & me.

Southern comfort, bitter, stout,

I wanna be a lager lout.


Tia-Maria, Guinness, mild,

Let’s get smashed, let’s get wild.

Cointreau, whiskey, advocaat,

Down the chute, you won’t get far.



Let’s get loaded.

Let’s get pissed,

Let’s get drunk,

On Vodka Twists.


The moral of this story stands,

Keep your precious drink in hand.

Drink it fast, drink it quick,

Morning after…now – you sick.