I’ve Been Looking For Miracles In All The Wrong Places

I’ve been looking for miracles in all the wrong places

where nutrient rich soil was never there

where the ground was barren and rocky and bare

where weeds choked the stems that pushed from below

that strangled the plants that dared to grow.

I’ve been looking for miracles in all the wrong places

wherever it slips and slides, hope can’t take hold,

seeds can’t flourish

in Antartic cold.

The miracles I was seeking

only grow in the light

and can’t live where the air is foul

Where shadows fall

And demons prowl

But now…

Now, I’m looking for miracles

In all the right places

Ideal conditions

Not too far

Watered with kindness and patience and love

That’s where my miracles are.

Quote Of The Week

‘When we’re kind to one person, it might actually be affecting around 16 people. Our behaviour had a three-stage knock-on, or ‘ripple’ effect, so when we help one person, that person then helps other people, who in turn helps others. The 3-Degree Ripple Rule.’

Dr. David Hamilton sourced from ‘Kindness, the little thing that matters most.’  by Jaime Thurston.

Quote Of The Week

‘You never really know what he’s thinking or what he might do – but it always ends in kindness and fairness. A mighty recipe produced this man.’

Tennessee Williams talking about Hollywood actor Paul Newman, sourced from The Friendship Book 2016