Quote Of The Week

‘When the world presses in on you, threatens to drive you mad, there’re only two ways you can find peace. One is to impose your will on everyone and everything around you. The other is to surrender your will, your ego, and withdraw from those who are always wanting you to ‘fix’ their lives.’

Luke Skywalker talking to Han Solo from Star Wars- Before The Storm

Book 1 of The Black Fleet Crisis

Michael P.Kube-McDowell


It Ain’t Over…Pain

I have learned, sadly, that some people love to see others in pain. It isn’t such a perverse entertainment as we think. If they can’t express their intense emotion, they have to bring it out in us. Sometimes they want love and if we can’t give them that, they will feed off our pain instead.

Others like to see pain for one-upmanship. They are all cries for approval. We are all guilty of milking pain from others. However, they are fleeting glories, hollow triumphs, and like any addiction, there will be a need for fix after fix, just to sustain the high, and we all know what happens to drug addicts.