Tomato Juice Garden

Lockdown has eased.

There’s a spring

Not just in the air

But in everybody’s step

Because now

We can all go to beer gardens.

It takes so little to make the human being

Happy and content.

If only beer gardens were always the answer

Llike when you give a dog a treat

And they feel they have found

The ultimate happiness.

Let’s flock to beer gardens the nation over

Just because we can.

I’ve avoided them like the plague.

Like the plague of recent times

I’ll take my poison on my own terms

Don’t want to be forced to drink

Just so I can be with people I care about

Then again

I suppose you could always get a tomato juice.


  1. “Feeling down is part and parcel of Life
    also defined in our Nature
    putting us on notice
    we all have our ups-and-downs
    yet the writers
    that are real writers
    not only survive but conquer
    through attaining their goals
    personally and professionally.”
    _-Van Prince

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