Autograph Surprise For The Star Trek Lady

I was feeling a bit down…

(Oh hang on a minute, I’ve just done a post that began that way. No, this is different. Honestly. This isn’t a rehash. I’ll start again. Bear with me please. Ahem…)

I was feeling a bit down and opened up a Star Trek Next Generation Novel, which I bought for a couple of pounds from a local gaming/comic book store.

And got a lovely surprise!

Marina Sertis’ autograph!

She’s one of my favourite actresses on that sci fi series. She plays the character Deanna Troi.

The day just got better!

Who needs beer gardens?

And, as if I’d ever go to a Star Trek convention?

Well, you never know. I am in my autumn years. ( Well maybe late summer. Very late).

One of the sales guys hasn’t seen me for a year because of lockdown, and didn’t recognise me for about 30 minutes. Finally, after studying me for a while, and not getting who I was because of the winter coat, hat, mask and a year of lockdown, clocked the eight Star Trek Next Generation novels, piled up high in my arms.

When the penny dropped, he said in a loud and impassioned voice, ‘Oh, I know who you are now, you’re the Star Trek Lady!’

Lovely man.

It’s a title I joyfully accept.

I’m glad I cheered you up Sue. I am a counsellor after all.

8 thoughts on “Autograph Surprise For The Star Trek Lady”

  1. “Your different moods *&* moods because, no doubt, COVID-19
    is a mirror reflecting
    forced separation from total freedom
    to isolated times
    against your will
    yet agreed to by health *&* wellness
    concerns leads you into unhappiness
    yet you are winning the battles
    of depression to joyfulness.”
    _-Van Prince

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