Don’t Feed Negativity

Don’t feed negativity

Don’t even give it scraps

Stay focused

Even in misery

And doubt

Don’t put out the cat

Instead put negativity out

Then close the door

Lock it

Chain it

Whatever you do,

Don’t let it back in

Even if it begs

On the step


And complains of

Hunger and thirst

And moans gently

Every hour

On the hour

Don’t even think

About the creature

You threw out

As it frantically claws at your panes.

Eventually, it will give up

And move on.

And wander through dry, arid places

And latch onto

To another

Who is open

And addicted

To the pain

As you once were

Let them feed it.

For they’ll know

Soon enough

If it fits in

With their life

And can sleep on their hearth

By the fire

Warming itself

And getting

Lots of treats

For being bad.

There’s no snug den

For it here anymore

Don’t Feed Negativity.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Feed Negativity”

  1. When we take tests and it comes back neagative Negativity is good
    but when we speak on other subjects be neative is bad and in that case Negativity is bad
    but Negativity can be objective or subjective
    the former is good, the latter is bad.

    A post causing readers to think!

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    1. It’s not just that.

      There’s heaps of self-help gurus out there flogging positive self-affirmation as a way to ‘achieve your goals’. But while positive affirmation can give a short term sugar rush to confidence and team bonding it’s notoriously brittle. And like all such things, the come down leaves you in a worse place than where you started. Hence Willy Loman in Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

      Instead of saying things like “I’m a good person” or “I’m not a good person”, try asking yourself deeply and sincerely “Am I a good person?”. Accept both the bad and the good in the answers you find.

      The truth is we’re all complex, composite beings, made up of both the positive and the negative. You can deny parts of yourself you find distasteful – often by projecting it onto others – but you can’t sustain it. The more ‘dark self’ you cast out the darker your surroundings become. The more light you project on the outer, the darker the inner becomes by comparison.

      There’s no light without darkness. No good without bad. Don’t deform yourself by rejecting one and over-inflating the other. When you’ve learned to accept everything about yourself you’ll find it much easier to accept others and anything the world throws at you.

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      1. Yin and yang, dark and light, good and evil. That balance is essential but sometimes, the dark side of the force is top heavy in your life and that can lead to suicide, or a person who is unable to function on an every day basis. I suppose, if we can refrain from being people pleasers, we won’t go far wrong, but it’s easier said than done.


      2. In my personal experience it’s not the dark that leads to suicidality, it’s the ultimately futile attempts to lock it out.

        And there’s no balance. Just psychic allostasis, which makes life easier to bear but also makes it pretty boring.

        So to again draw on my personal experience:

        Since my late teens, when I was a lying, thieving junkie, I’ve been on a personal journey to make myself more truthful and honest. But to do so I have had to make myself more aware of my lies and dishonesty. So from my own perspective the balance between my honesty and dishonesty remains the same. The more honest I become the more of my dishonesty is revealed to me, In the meantime others seem to become increasingly dishonest as my own viewpoint shifts towards the ever receding mirage of honesty,

        That’s the beauty of Taoism. The yin and yang are *always* in balance. It’s you that can be out of balance with them by pushing or resisting the flow, Bend like the green reed or you’ll break like the dry stick. Wu wei is the only Way,

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