January Joy

There must be joy in January

There must be joy you know

There has to be love in winter

There must be fun in snow

There has to be joy in first month blues

Somewhere there is thrills

Kisses in the cold

Fire in icicles

There will be joy in January

As dark and as bleak as it seems

There have to be smiles in January

That toast down to our dreams

As we snuggle down in bed

After long short day of pain

Hope of burning embers

In drawn out schemes again

There is joy in January

I know it to be true

January tells the truth

It’s all that it can do

It won’t say, ‘Spring is near!’

‘Keep your eye on that April day!’

It will tell the truth

And say it is far away.

‘Love me, I’m one of the twelve!’

Says abandonment issues Jan

‘Don’t wish for me to go

I am what I am!’

Everyone negging on January

Wanting it to go

Shunning and shaming it

And hating on it so

So, let’s get on some January Joy

For the umpteenth time

Remember New Year Resolutions

We made at Auld Lang Syne

Maybe good can come from that

Positive action we can do

It doesn’t have to be a trial

That we always put ourselves through

Baby steps in the shallow end

No deep dives in the pool

January can be joyful

January can be cool.

Autumn Tints

She’s just slipping into

her sophisticated gown

It fits like a glove

Lays a train all around

The neckline is green

And the colours on the bust

Are chestnut, coffee, hazel

Auburn, tawny, rust.

We see the seasons fashions

Start to unfold

The waistline is burnt orange

The skirt is copper gold

The hemline is yellow

With warm and earthy tones

Embellished and bedecked

With pink and purple stones

Now she’s dancing on the ground

And it is her sole duty

To be the belle of the ball

This graceful autumn beauty