Quote Of The Week

‘In making my first appearance before the public, who have treated me well- in fact I may say I am as comfortable now as I was uncomfortable before. I must now bid my kind readers adieu.’

-Joseph Merrick from The Autobiography Of Joseph Merrick (from The True History Of The Elephant Man – Michael Howell and Peter Ford)

Joseph’s Favourite Verse:

‘Was I so tall, could reach the pole

Or grasp the ocean with a span

I would be measured by the soul

The mind’s the standard of the man’

Isaac Watts

Quote Of The Week

‘Everybody needs a different climate in which to create, like for some people it’s the sun streaming through the blinds, or the Rocky Mountains, or a room sanitized for your own protection.’

Tom Waits

LA Free Press 1975 Los Angelas Is Poetry from Tom Waits on Tom Waits. Interviews and Encounters, Edited by Paul Maher.


Quote Of The Week

‘I was born with a happy nature and a happy heart. I was born with the gift of understanding people and loving them and I’ve never been unhappy. I’ve always seen the light at the end of the tunnel.’

Quote Of The Week

”There is a sort of curious success to be derived from what appears to be failure, that if you end up doing something that brings you great happiness, as I have, you have achieved this, as much as the result of your perceived ‘failures,’ as of your perceived ‘successes.’

John Peel Margrave Of The Marshes