It Ain’t Over…

I’ve always loved quotes. When I was very small, I used to quote quotes often, because I had a memory for such things but mostly because it was a source of comfort. My father would scoff at me. ‘Let me guess,’ he would say, sarcastically, ‘what you just said, that was a quote, wasn’t it?’ So, daddy had me down as a parrot, a mimic, a quoter of quotes.

Little did he know, I was simply learning. I was merely a student on a journey through the absolute joy of quotes. And, little did I know, that a natural desire would develop to create some of my own. So I wrote my own, through the experience of love and joy and thinking too much and angst and torture and heartbreak and all those other things that make you feel alive, or make you feel that you want to die, also. Inspired by a million other quotes, by gorgeous broken people, and all absolutely heartfelt.

I also remember feeling a bit depressed about something and then my beautiful christian friend from the United States said to me one day, ‘It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings’ and ever since then, when things aren’t going right, that phrase resonates with me and has really helped. And it’s true, it really ain’t over, ’till the fat lady sings.

Mere words can help so much, and sometimes can lead us out of depths of depression and onto better things, which means words are not just powerful, but miraculous.




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