The Point Of No Return

I subscribe to the Rob Dyke series on ‘You Tube’. I like his his ‘Seriously Strange‘ and his ‘Twisted Tens’ videos. He presents them well. They are entertaining, succinct, informative. What more do you need during supper time, wind down time, whenever you decide to watch? It’s bite size stuff and it works.

However, watching one of his videos will go down in ‘Things I Wish I Hadn’t Done This Week.’ I stumbled across, like a little child in a meadow, his ‘Most Disturbing Deep, Dark Web Sites’, or something like that. No, I’m not going to link. You do that work yourself. I don’t regret much in my stage in life,  but I wish I hadn’t come across that. I’m not easily shocked or sheltered. I think we’ve all seen things we shouldn’t have seen/heard/imagined. Things no-one should see, because they don’t happen. But well, they do happen. It’s part of life. And this is the disturbing factor.

But life is about thinking. And if we want to remain healthy and happy, or just not traumatised on a daily basis, we should fundamentally, be thinking good ideas and not bad ideas.

Bad ideas is an understatement.

There was a warning about said ‘Top Ten’ at the beginning of the video. I ignored it, because I’ve ignored all other warnings at the beginning of Rob Dyke’s videos and others and everything turned out fine. I was able to go to bed undisturbed and relatively untainted. But not this time.

Naively, I did not think the video would be as bad as it actually was. I was innocent to the depravities it exposed. Well, let’s just say, ‘not in my wildest dreams’ and I like to keep it that way. I thought that I had a good imagination and then I realised that there is good imagination and there is bad imagination. The mind can be quite a delicate thing, a bit of a hothouse flower. It can swing. It doesn’t usually swing violently straight away. But I can imagine one year, you are swinging quite happily in the middle, well not happily, but you haven’t gone past the point of no return at least, and then little by little you swing a little further, just a little further each time, until you realise you’re going to extremes and then you fly off the radar, you’re no longer on the meter, ‘cos the meter no longer gauges what you’ve done. The dial only goes up to a hundred. The machine has limits. The human rarely does. It has so much potential for good and so much potential for evil.

I pray with every fibre of my being that I never swing within a million miles of the shadow world of imagination that fills these dark websites. I wouldn’t say dark as much as black. I wouldn’t say deep as much as evil.

People, humans, do unspeakable unimaginable things, that become imagined. Without the creative image in the head, in other words, without the fantasy, it can’t be done. Once it’s imagined, created in the mind, it’s just a short walk for some people, and not too far away for others.

If they make the fantasy a reality, they can cross it off, or make money from it, or become immune to it, or feel omnipotent through it.

They can do evil masquerading as lust, or greed or anger.  Our base desires allegedly lead us to do evil things. Perhaps it is just a con, a way for Satan and his minions to trick humans into doing his evil bidding. That said and done, base desires whether tricked into them or not can spiral out of control. And spiral to such an extent that a human can lose their identity, their humanity and perhaps along the way, their soul. And what about the suffering they inflict on others?

Crawling back from evil, is not impossible, but improbable. There comes a point of no return. Going down certain roads changes the brain’s chemistry and only by reprogramming can there be any hope. Any reprogramming would have to be spiritual, from the inside out.

I feel tainted having just glimpsed the shadow web and wish I could unlearn, unhear and unsee. That retribution side of me wants to just vigilante somehow. Load myself up from top to toe in guns and ammunition. Bazooka them all to hell. But then, two wrongs and all that…And then of course, I would become a murderer too.

The only solution is spiritual warfare. So yes, I prayed because I didn’t know what else to do and because I’ve seen the power of prayer first hand. Why do people see prayer as a last resort, when it is often the first. It makes a difference.

All this talk about evil… dark, hypnotic,mysterious, exciting, the cause for celebration. In fact there is a major festival that celebrates it. It’s called Halloween, and it involves kids primarily, oh yes, kids are the main recruits. What is mischief after all but just a nice word for evil, even the phrase ‘wicked deeds’ sounds archaic, fairy tale-ish, almost twee. Evil is always trying to play itself up by playing itself down and Halloween is the perfect example. Oh, it’s just all a bit of fun. There are always gong to be excuses and for the evil that people do, there are many.

Thoughts on evil, it’s momentum leading to the truly horrific and the pain of empathy that one feels for victims always needs clarification. The idea of ‘points of no return’ for criminal minds intrigues me, so I rummage around a little. Can evil on such a scale really be stopped? Well no, personally, I would find it difficult to think there is any redemption for those people, but individuals, some socio-paths, who commit chaotic crimes, almost as a reflex to pain, can be plucked out and changed from the inside out with good spiritual counselling. Psychopaths can’t. You can’t cure a psychopath. They don’t have reflexes. They remain lawful evil and are often ‘personable’ and ‘well respected’ in the community to reduce the risk of incarceration. After all, they really don’t want to stop what they’re doing and they know there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Plus, they enjoy it too much. Me killing the little bastard is not going to change anything either. It will just be one more person for hell and one more soul for Satan.

Change has and can, be orchestrated and it can result in a little less evil, a little less suffering, without us having to fry people in the electric chair or murder the murderers. That taints and rubs off on us as a society. Haven’t we all wanted to kill the P’s (paedophile) that harmed us as a child, harmed children we know or who simply lives down the street? But, come on, we have to get a handle on ourselves. Some people can’t be changed, don’t want to be, will mock the system, will pretend that they have changed. We can ‘wipe the dust from our feet,’ regarding those. Yes, those we can write off. And for me, the P is always past the ‘point of no return’.

Jesus said this about the corruption of the innocent. ‘It were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.’

Luke 17:2 (King James Bible Version)

It sounds to me that even Jesus would find it difficult to forgive a P. His words, not mine. I applaud his zero tolerance on this one. I think this is because sex offenders are more likely to pass the ‘point of no return.’ and can’t be redeemed, or rather, the chance of redemption is…what was that word we were using before…improbable.

So, leaving P’s and sex offenders on a back burner for now (they should be) I don’t know why I started on them. When I talk about rehabilitation, I’m generally not thinking about them as potential for rehabilitation, in particular, as I honestly don’t believe they can be cured. Very opinionated of me I know, but that’s how I feel.

Mankind needs a little hope, now and again.

I came across two good books about the truth of rehabilitation, ‘Gram Seed – One Step Beyond’ and most notably his follow on book about his work in British prisons, ‘Gram Seed – It Must Be Love’ Gram Seed, ‘Tees Gazette Live’ Article and one in an American prison system, Psychogram: Spiritual Crossover For The Serial Killer by Robert Creel. Yes, conning does go on, but what do we expect? It used to be how they made their living! You have to separate the wheat from the chaff and in every walk of life, there is wheat and there is chaff. Everyone should be given a chance of redemption. God can see inside people’s hearts, so no conning will be going on with Him. We’re not the ones who have any real lasting power in our judgements, God’s been around the block a few times and can spot a fake a mile off, so in this situation, it doesn’t really matter if we can or not.

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