The Stress Of Moving Home

I’ve gotten too big for my shell

Said the hermit crab

It really is too tight

It’s getting awfully uncomfortable

I need to put this right

I can’t swing a cat inside this home

Although I wouldn’t try

I can’t stretch my claws

I can’t even yawn

It just makes me want to cry

But it’s alright

For I have spied

A nice big shell quite still

I think it belonged to a sea snail

I’ll bagsy that I will

I’m pretty sure it’s empty

I think that shell’s ‘To Let’

I think he’s defo left it

I think that’s a sure bet

There’s no ‘For Sale’ sign

And there’s even a welcome rug

Oh it’s so big and roomy

I won’t be snug as a bug

I can have wild parties in this shell

Now I’ll never be alone

I really love this shell

There’s no stress of moving home.