The Way Things Are

Murphy’s Law says, ‘If it can go wrong, it will go wrong’. As Thomas Hardy highlights in some of his work, Sod’s Law, in comparison, is all about the little ironies of fate, that torment us throughout our lives.

You’ve likely heard of them before and have been a victim one time or another. For example, you’re expecting a delivery man but when he eventually calls, after hours of waiting in, you will either be a) in the bathroom b) popped out for five minutes or c) a combination of both.

Your toast is always landing butter side down. But, would you still eat it, even if it’s landed the dry side down? Whichever way you look at it, it’s been on the floor. I suppose it depends on where it lands. Also, the butter could be weighing it down. Are you slathering it on? Are you putting it on with a trowel?  Heavy butter could be the culprit in this circumstance.

That’s why cats land on their feet. They’re unbuttered. Butter their backs, theorectically and I’m sure we’d see an entirely different story. Although, don’t try this at home folks. I’m not advocatng putting butter on your local ginger tom, just to see if he lands butter side down.

After an hour of waiting at the bus stop, of desert wasteland and rolling tumbleweeds – three buses will all come along at once. Mummy bus, daddy bus and little baby bus. If you have a car, on a day when you have all the time in the world, the lights will seem to be permanenetly on green but when you desperately need to get somewhere, it’s red all the way. And if you wash your car on Friday, it will rain on Saturday. And after the rain, seagulls or pigeons, or some other wild bird, will find your car the most attractive perching post in the whole world. And it does rain more at the weekend. It’s been proven. It’s just the way things are.