Only Minds Are Meeting

What’s the point of a shower

And smelling like a flower

And having scented power

Of a freshly washed bod?

What’s the point of a wash

When no-one gives a toss

It’s a load of bosh

When stinky flesh is quashed

Does a tree still sound

When it falls to the ground

And there’s no-one there to hear?

Well, the same surely goes

If there is no nose

To smell a rose

That might be there.

But, I’ll do it for myself

And my hygiene health

And the perfumed wealth

Of a non smelly self.

Won’t hang like a bum

Accumulating scum

Scrub it all new

And smell like morning dew.

We can mess around with mud

And wallow in the crud

We can do what we dare

‘Cos there’s no-one there to care

(As long as we wash our hands at the end of it)

Oh, but in these lazy days

Of Covid crazy haze

If these four walls could talk

They would surely squawk

But hey, I can go for a walk


Still, I think I’ll just Twitter

Forget about being fitter

I’d much rather be eating

‘Cos sanity is fleeting

And only minds are meeting

Just now.