Bond Masters

There are people

Who master the bond

They are the Bond Masters

One strong bond

With one person

A bond can be transferred

From one person

To another

A person can steal a bond

Transfer it to themselves.

So that now, they are the bees knees

Demonic bonds are powerful

Incestuous bonds are wicked

Unhealthy soul ties

As strong as titanium

Attachments bring suffering

Seeds are sown

Things are said

You can’t make someone love you

But lust is a pandemic

Bonds can be artificially created

Yet love can’t be forced

Tricks only take you so far

Perhaps as far as the bed

But they never sealed the deal

They never got the bang.

We are all like Frankenstein’s monster

A tinkered soul

A body invaded

A brain washed

But only to a point.

Stockholm Syndrome

But only to a point.

Bond Masters

I wish you all the best

Bond breakers

Are biting back

Through forgiveness.

The Time I Got Lost

I’m standing by the sweets

And I shuffle on my feets

Now I see that mum was right

When we got into a fight

About how much they cost

The time I got lost

I think I might just sit

I’m not brave a bit

I’m in such a fix

‘cos I’m only six

(well, five and a half)

My tummy is in knots

The time I got lost

I wish that people cared

Now I’m getting scared

The cleaner pushed his mop

I couldn’t make him stop

And I got sploshed

The time I got lost

Corridors of food

But I wasn’t in the mood

Normally I like cheeses

But I am by the freezers

I’m afraid I’m going to cry

Frozen fish with one big eye

I’m in the ice caps of Iceland

Oh, why’d I let go her hand?

I fell down on my knees

Won’t someone help me please?

I was truly in the frost

The day I got lost.

And out among the toys

There were only naughty boys

And dinosaurs that roared

and trolls that made me bored

With goo dripping from his fangs

The monster – there, he hangs!

He thought he was the boss

The time I got lost

And now she runs towards me

Oh, look, it’s mummy

All she does is grins

My world no longer spins

So afraid I thought I’d be

That I did a little wee

But now I am found

I’ll soon be homeward bound

And all is not lost

The time I got lost.