Who’s that guy?

The last of the big pretenders. Phew. Aren’t you phewing too? But there will be many more milling around Fleetwood on Tram Sunday 17th July. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll probably see some familiar faces loitering, or generally sitting. Quite a lot of the scarecrows like a nice sit down and why not, all that stuffing is tiring. I’ll just wave and smile or give them a nod. We’ll have met before.

Anyway, not just one guy here,but two. So a bit of a misleading title there. I do apologise. Have you noticed when people say ‘I apologise’ it gets under your skin, because they’ve never actually said sorry? A cop out. So, I’m sorry. I thought I’d double up today, as it’s getting toward the end of the Festival. A scarecrow sandwich with nothing in the middle. Now I could have put a girl scarecrow in there, but this is a family show.

demon scarecrow
Outside the Mirror Bistro

This one freaked me out a little when I first saw him. A devil worshipper ? The devil himself?

Then I saw what he was wearing. He may  be looking all cool and is chilling and everything but it’s hard to take Satan seriously in a velour onesie.

scarecrow outside electrical store
Outside Mike Sanderson’s electrical shop

I think this guy just worships Cheeto’s. He has some nice jeans on though. Quite trendy.

I saw them close up.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 4th – 17th July

Lion Man

I’ve been travelling up to Fleetwood this week. I’ve gone crazy searching for scarecrows, like a paparazzi looking for celebs, for no good reason, other than, I feel I need to, and it’s fun and it’s community and it’s therapeutic somehow, right at this moment. I don’t normally do stuff like this. Who knows why we do some things, but sometimes you do something because it’s instinctive. It just feels right. There’s something very warm and fuzzy about community…and about scarecrows.

scarecrow shop
In the window of Fleetwood’s Superdrug,

Fleetwood and Cleveleys Lion Club.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 4th July-17th July 2016

Another Fleetwood Fellow

fleetwood museum
Outside Fleetwood Museum

I can’t remember what was written on him. I hope it wasn’t too important.

This is actually a great little museum. One of their very friendly and knowledgeable volunteers took us round the whole place one afternoon, giving us detailed information and narrative on all exhibits and showed us what was in the hangar in the back garden. In it, was a beautiful old Smack (forerunner to the deep sea trawler) called Harriet, the last surviving fishing vessel of its kind.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 4th – 17th July 2016

Searching For Scarecrows

It’s that time again. The annual Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival. I’m searching for and snapping scarecrows until Tram Sunday, when the festival ends. Some good and/or creepy entries this year, as always.

scarecrow barbershop
Outside a barber shop in Fleetwood, aptly named ‘The Butcher’

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2016 4th -17th July