Letting Go

The possibility of letting go

Is not there for the few

It’s a viable road to peace

Something we can do

Transcend the pain

Of anger and rage

Take tentative steps

Out of the cage

Letting go is within our grasp

Resentment, rejection, dejection – alert!

They all come under the heading of hurt

Forgiveness is possible

You don’t have to budge

Remember to protect yourself

But don’t hold a grudge

As grudges have a way

Like a scorpions sting

Of turning right round

And clipping out wings

Letting go, you know

It’s good for our health

And may even provide

A spiritual wealth

Letting go of fools gladly

A willow that bends

Will help with our progress

And knit us to mend

Remember the energy

Through them, that we lost

A cliche, but still

Remember the cost

Time to get rid of the debris in tow

Dump it into the dustbin

Labelled – Letting Go

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