Space-The Final Frontier

Had to move some furniture out of my brain today

A dog eared three piece suite was in the way

An old oak sideboard up against the hippocampus

Time to clear the dust and all the fretting fuss

I’ll get a lockpick made for the hypothalmus

In the olfactory bulb, I’ll put some fresh roses

A feather duster to sweep away the neurosis

I’ll decorate down the corridor in the cove

Get some swatches for the temporal lobe

But to be honest, my first thought is

To make a light and airy cerebral cortex

I’ll put some curtains in the pituitary

And where troubles jostle for supremecy

I’ll try to find that lock without a key

Those piles of worries have been there since year dot

One man and his van could rid me of the lot

Declutter, you mustn’t hoard inside your head

And hide the dark and dour under its bed

Seek shiny clean and everything in its place

Functional and minimal brain space

Got grief relief by sweeping it under the rug

The sadness and the loss that wouldn’t budge

I’ll move this furniture round and about

I’ll get a skip and bring it out!

In the frontal lobe now, not so many falls

No knees and elbows banging into walls

Stumbling in the amygdala was a fight

I got some lighting on the stairs to make it bright

And now, I’m slowly finding that

There is some room in here to swing a cat

I will always strive and try to find

That elusive, peaceful feng shui of the mind

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