Come Into My Parlour

Come into my parlour

I’ve a gun pressed to your head

You can lead a horse to water

But a pencil must be lead

Come into my parlour

It really is quite nice

There’s nothing there to hurt you

It is as quiet as mice

I know you’ll be so bored

I know you’d rather be

Just about anywhere

Except here with me

But I know you want me

Come on, don’t pretend

Well, come into my parlour

And I’ll show you how it ends

I came into your parlour

Come on, don’t be shy

Just come into my parlour

It’s a good day to die

You think I am aloof

I think you are a creep

Let’s go into my parlour

Where you can get some sleep

You nearly had me stolen

You nearly duped me good

But come into my parlour

And I will show you how it could

Pan out in the heat

With the spider losing out

And the fly winning royally

By stamping on your feet

Just come into my parlour

As you once said to me

I have something to show you

Under floorboards- six foot deep.

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