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  1. My sister and I went to a talk show decades ago, we were in the audience, Brooke Shields mom was featured along with other show business parents. My sister talked with the mom, Terri Shields I think her name was, what a character. She pushed her child into portraying a child prostitute, which Hugh Hefner featured in his poem mag, and she was underage in the Blue Lagoon too.

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    1. Teri Shields had a really hard time growing up, so I really feel for her, on one hand. At the same time, I can’t believe how vulnerable she made her own daughter. In her book, Brooke doesn’t mention the Playboy pics but talks a lot about how she’s ‘proud’ of Pretty Baby, to this day.
      In a strange ‘barn door closed after horse bolted’ kind of scenerio, Brooke had a body double in Blue Lagoon for nude scenes.

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      1. It makes sense that Terri had a rough life but she seemed to exploit her daughter instead of protecting her. Maybe Brooke has a kind of selective memory/denial in order to cope? I didn’t know she had a body double for Blue Lagoon, at least she had a bit of a buffer. Hollywood is so creepy to me now, things I didn’t notice before seems obvious now, lots of abuse of underaged children.

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      2. In her book, Brooke is both very complimentary about her mother and also quite scathing in equal measures. Teri was very supportive of her daughter in many ways and made sure Brooke got a great education and set her up for a great future and Brooke actually seems to be a very stable person, emotionally. Very telling that she said she wouldn’t allow her daughters to be photographed/filmed naked.
        A lot of mothers and daughters have a very complicated, often painful and very strong bond. I’m no different! I guess it’s just the way it is!

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      3. That’s true, there’s a lot of love and struggle in the mother/daughter relationship. I felt that way about my mom for most of my life, loving and admiring her and also blaming her for things. Now I regret the blame and distance I gave her (as a silent punishment). I miss her everyday. Love and intimacy between parent/child has so many layers that you can only fully understand much later in life I think.

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