There was a horrible face at the window

There was a horrible face at the window

It was a face of enormous self doubt

It said, ‘I’m getting married tomorrow

Will my beloved be going without?’

I said, ‘Explain, please do. I’m confused.’

They said, ‘Woe is me. I’m lost. All at sea.

I’m afraid I don’t have the heart

And for their heart, I don’t have the key.’

‘It’s okay, I see what’s going on here.

Come in and take a seat

It’s all a storm in a teacup

I think you’re just getting cold feet.’

They said, ‘I can’t see the future too clearly.

I think I won’t be much good

What if the marriage is all a disaster

And my love is simply a dud?’

‘Your fears are all an illusion

Care not,’ I said, ‘Do not afear.

Your marriage will be a long and good one

I tell you-your cupid is here.’

They said, ‘You don’t understand, I’ve lost the ring!’

‘Oh, so that’s why you’re so low!’

They said, ‘Yes, and it cost a fortune.

They’ll be mad, I am sure, I’ll just go!’

‘No, don’t go in haste, I’ve a plan

Take this bracelet and bend it just so

It’s just tin and worth nothing at all

But if they love you, they won’t say no.’

So they went away and tested the theory

And got married, the horrible face did

And they were happy, ever after, from then on

And we both kept the secret quite hid

From this day, they are so blissful

They never found the ring though

But whenever they come to visit

There’s a beautiful face at the window.

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