4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week”

    1. Still in the middle of reading her book! She genuinely loved acting and felt passion for it from an early age. She hated the trappings of Hollywood, and the spoilt behaviour of ‘stars.’ When she was on set, she would be genuinely and overly concerned for the comfort of anyone working behind the scenes. She was scolded by a producer, for not owning a mink coat, at one point. Although she did end up having one. Maybe I’ll do a post about it one day!

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      1. She seemed like she wasn’t into being a celebrity or Hollywood and seemed intelligent not just a pretty face. I know she was scandalized for her marriage to the director Rossellini. Scolded for not following the trend. Mink coats, back then every woman had one as a status symbol. My mom had one too.

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