A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven

In the mind

For some

Is a tiny place

A box room

A seven by twelve foot prison cell

No toilet

No light

Infested with cockroaches

But in others

A Safe Haven

Is a beautifully decorated mansion

With fragrant gardens

A peaceful place

A beautiful sunset

A sprawling landscape

Rolling hills

A county

A country

A continent

For some, sanctuary is small

With no room to breathe

Or to turn around

What does it take?

To extent or expand one’s safe haven?

A serene cove

In a quiet harbour

Or a desert

A tundra

How abundant or sparse

Are our safe havens?

If you’re never had a safe haven before

There’s always hope for one

To be written into your world

Painted into your soul

It doesn’t have to be

Just for the few

Self destructive

Self sabotaging minds

Will see their safe havens

Boarded up

And a sign that says

‘Dangerous, derelict building.’

‘Keep Out!’

Sometimes you have to

Open it back up

And renovate

Life is hard enough

Without a safe haven

To call your own

And it costs nothing

In running fees

It’s yours

And yours only

And no-one else’s

A priceless place

A private place

Of time and space

Your sweet, secure

Safe Haven

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