Be Watchful

Be watchful of wolf

In sheep garments

And wary of sheep

In wolf attire

Discern motivation

What do people want from you?

Because they will want something.





You’re not so much liked

As ‘loved’

Or ‘desired’

Or ‘wanted’

For their pleasure

For their id

For their ‘Dupers Delight’

What can you do for them?

What are they lacking?

What gap can you fill?

Or are you maybe

Simply stalked

And hunted for your fur

10 thoughts on “Be Watchful”

  1. I agree. We were taught to be nice to our detriment, especially women and children, who are the most preyed upon by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Little Red riding hood fairytale is a warning about predators that we forgot to learn/teach to modern children.

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  2. The mystery is that we can never know what the other truly wants. Only what we truly want to give them.
    I guess the trick is to either find the ones that want what you can give or learn to truly want what someone else can give and hope they can learn to want what you can give.
    Problem with that is the bastards always change. Or you do. People are like that,

    So it’s probably best to accept that your relationships – just like everything else in existence – are doomed to perish. And like the Buddha’s final dinner, they can get toxic when they turn.

    Ephemeral pleasures are all that are real.
    “Love” is something that happens until you learn better.

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    1. I used to get disappointed in people but that’s because of expectations, which are way beyond what people can actually give or deliver. I’ve been a fool, assuming, expecting, that people can live up to my….imagination.
      We’re not mind readers and the people we care about aren’t either and they change their minds like their underwear (which actually, isn’t that often. So, bad example). We’re just pissing in the wind a lot of the time.
      If we can accept people for who they are, maybe we can start liking them.


      1. I guess that’s the nub of the problem. Expecting things to be different to how they are. That gets you to thinking how you can make them be how you think they should be, and before you know it … samsara.

        If you can really accept something for what it is you don’t have to start liking it. You already love it. Try that on everything and the universe turns out to be a pretty nice place.

        Think about it. If you can just find it in your heart to accept Boris Johnson for who he is, imagine how good everyone else will seem by comparison. Of course you’d have to be pretty sick and twisted yourself to be able to do it.

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      2. How you ever noticed when you start liking something it goes away? Same with people and sometimes when you accept a situation it goes away too? But not often enough!


      3. How you ever noticed when you start liking something it goes away?

        Another reason to like Boris Johnson.

        But whenever I think things I dislike aren’t going away fast enough I take another look at my medical records and feel placated. The thing I really dislike is.

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