Don’t Let Art Take A Back Seat

Don’t let art take a back seat

To your job or profession

You have to pay the bills

But never let that take precedence

I know that’s hard

As are the hundreds of worries that assail our minds

Day in, day out

Causing interference

In our brain waves

But persevere, be steadfast.

Have loyalty

And faithfulness

To your talents

To your dreams

More important than any job

And more important than

Most things in your life

Treat your art like a life partner

Your creative ability

And creative energy

Is an essential part of your soul

Do not let it rot and blacken

On the vine of your heart

Do not let creative atrophy

Silence your spirit

If it doesn’t come

Don’t panic

It’ll come.

When you least expect it

When you’ve given up

Or said, I really can’t be bothered with this now

Then you’ll pick up a pen.

And you’ll be writing

And you’ll think

Where did that come from?

It was there all along

Just waiting

Waiting for the right time and place.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Art Take A Back Seat”

  1. I love what you’ve written Sue. Wonderfully wise poem. It’s true how the tendency to push important things away in favor of “practical things” like work, but no one on their death bed ever says “I wish I worked more.” Art making is essential to mental health and understanding our world. I feel like art makes us distinctly human.

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    1. Thank you. I try to practice what I preach, but it’s difficult. Sometimes writing a poem about it, helps to get it into the brain a bit more! You’re right, no-one ever says ‘I wish I’d worked more’ at the end of their life. Just shows you our hearts tell us where our priorities should ultimately lie.


  2. Hey Sue, I am happy to read this poem. This is a well-crafted and a perfectly expressive for the way of taking life. I remember one of my professors told me that the essence and success of a poem depends on when the poet and readers (while reciting a poem) are on the same page. I do not know if i could make justice to this or not, but i really loved this work.

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