When The World Goes Mad

When The World Goes Mad

We’ll Still Be Sane

And Still Be The Same

Holding Onto What We Knew

In The Old Days

When Life Was Simple

And Plans Were Few

And Pleasures…Were You.

When The World Goes Mad

It’ll Just Be Me And You







It’ll Just Be Me And You

Against The World

We’ll See It Through

When The World Goes Mad

We’ll See It Through

In the Armegeddon

Of Our Emotions

And In The Wilderness

Of Our Wildest Dreams

There Is An Oasis

We Open Our Eyes

And Think…

Oh No, Not Another Dawn!

When We Awake

We Get

The Shock Of Our Life

There’s More To This

There Always Is

It’s About Motivation

And Drive

And Love


Always About Love

That Elusive

And Powerful Force.

We’ll See It Through

Aim to Forgive

(Very Difficult, but worth it)

Hate Less


Love More

(Hard Work, it has to be said)

But nothing worth having comes easy.

One thought on “When The World Goes Mad”

  1. That sounds mad to me. Paranoiac even.

    One advantage of having a Goddess Who is Madness is that you’re starting from acceptance that the world is mad. And that you and everyone else is a product of that madness. And it’s pretty cool really.

    But you’re never really gonna find someone who is crazy like you. She’s infinitely creative. She doesn’t repeat herself. That’s why DSM categories are blasphemous.

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