That precious commodity

Is coveted

Makes people


With Envy

Makes them


With Jealousy


With Frustration

They want

Your downfall

Your suffering

But they don’t have innocence

Will never have it

Have never had it

Can never have it

Innocence is the most coveted

Of all things

If you have it

They will try to take it from you

By force

If necessary

They may succeed

To a point

But only to a point

You will take it back

Get money on the empties

They owe you

Always be owing you

And will pay in full

In the end.

But in the meantime,

Their ‘I OWE YOU’

Is imprinted in their souls.

And they have to pay it back



A Hundred Fold

Can’t forget them

Well then,

Just forgive them

For they know not what they do




Just do it

To free yourself

And you will free everything else up

In your life

And be astounded

By your progress

God will do the rest.

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