Tier 3

Tears before bedtime

And Tears before tea

Tiers before lockdown

Tiers- one, two, three.

Tears, it will all end in

And Tiers they will make

Tears on my face

And not Tiers on a cake.

Tears like raindrops

Tiers are rules

Tears for release

And Tiers for fools.

Tears show we love

Tiers – our cage

Tears make us fear

Tiers keep us ‘safe’

Tears are emotion

Tiers leave us cold

Tears of our youth

Tiers getting old

Tears with friends

Tiers alone.

Tears with lovers

Tiers- at home.

13 thoughts on “Tier 3”

      1. My friends call me Van. I use my mother’s name as my blog name tohonor mny mother as her loving son. I know you are awesome!

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