Swim With Other Writers

When you swim with other writers

You can’t help getting wet

If you’re interested

In others writing

And you delve into the artists net

If you appreciate

Their words

And their feelings

In print

If you empathise

With what they say

And run when they sprint

If you respect other writers

And are inspired by their goals

If you’re encouraged by their fruitfulness

And the honey that flows

If you actually like other writers

And aren’t intimidated

When they win

If you’re not jealous of them

And comfortable

In your own writing skin

Then you my friend

Will go far

In your writing endeavours

You’ll soar in the sky

With rainbow coloured feathers

When you fly with other writers

You’ll always be inspired

Your energies will revive

Each other

And you’ll never grow tired

If you help other writers

Lift them up

And make them strong

This will be a family

And you will belong.


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