You’re Never Too Old For The Punk In Your Soul

You’re never too old for the punk in your soul

For your dream and your goal

And to take back what they stole

You’re never too old for the hope of the lost

You know what it cost

It stung like a wasp

A million times stung

And a song unsung

But it matters not

You can turn it back

Flip it on its head

Say feck you instead

Stay humble and sweet

An Angel on your feet

Generous and kind

A non judgemental mind

You’re never too old to mend the hole

You’re never too old for the punk in your soul.

(Fauxcroft inspired me to write this through his poem called ‘No More Gigs For Me‘)

17 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old For The Punk In Your Soul”

      1. Yes I liked that you were inspired by his poem, it’s interesting how that happens. Sometimes I read something on a blog that I was going to write about or it makes me want to write about it. πŸ™‚

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  1. “Your poetic mind is grounded in your creative soul
    never growing old
    your innovative story of poems must be told
    your life of writing masterpieces unfold
    more priceless than diamonds encased in gold.”

    _-Van Prince

    Thanks for your bejeweled follow!


      1. Thank you Sue Young. Mildred princewelch is my mother’s name and being a good son to her I use her name here to honor her, but my name is Van Prince!

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      2. I am writing every day manfesting quote, materializing poems, creating manuscripts for books and commenting on others writers’material here and ge whiz I am productive happy!

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