Andrew, I met you

At Cleveleys writing group

You have such a bright, warm smile

And your poetry is beautiful and funny

And always entertaining.

Everyone respects and likes you

And your calm and wise demeanour

Make people and poets in equal measure

Gravitate towards you

Because you are generous and kind and warm

But you only give advice

When people seek it

And you support and inspire endlessly.

You encouraged me to write more

You appreciate and enjoy everyone’s poetry

You were diagnosed with cancer

Last month

And within a matter of weeks

I have lost a dear and valuable friend,

Who I was only just beginning to know.

I talk about you in the present tense

Because I feel as if you’re still here.

Here is some of Andrew’s work

7 thoughts on “Andrew”

    1. Andrew was a very kind person and a prolific and talented writer. His wife Anne is lovely, just like him. I feel blessed that I knew him and blessed that I can continue a valuable friendship with Anne and hopefully help in her time of need.
      Thanks for understanding Judy. We don’t know what’s round the corner do we? We should live life a bit more in the present.

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      1. Hi Sue, I think the connections that we make are what makes life meaningful, I agree with you that we should live live in the present with awareness and appreciation. It makes life beautiful to care about others.πŸ’–

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      2. I think I’m starting to learn how precious people are and how we need to be grateful for all that we have and all that we have been given. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and compassion Judy.

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