Highwaymen Of 2020

We have become highwaymen and women

With our masks pulled tight

Over our nose and mouth

Now, we are in disguise

(But weren’t we always)

Wearing these things are either

An asthmatics nightmare


A rapists delight

False smiles that don’t reach the eyes

Can be hidden

As well as manic grins

And angry little pouts

All of our foibles, now safely

Under that little piece of cloth

The opposite is also true

You can see

The twinkle in the eye

Of the genuine smile.

3 thoughts on “Highwaymen Of 2020”

  1. Good post, very true for the unobservant, but if you know how to read eyes there no secrets at all. The masks are a nightmare for people who lip read, those with respiratory problems and the worst the dreaded pedo or rapist goes hidden in all of this. Bless you

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    1. I didn’t think about lip reading. I am hard of hearing but don’t lip read, but I feel for those people. There is so much we took for granted in the days before Covid. Your comment is much appreciated, Nanette. Thankyou and Bless you.

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