Little Grey Men

You’re a little grey man

Glib and benign

Charismatic too

A very bad sign

No empathy or guilt

No conscience or remorse

Impulsive, grandiose

And callous of course

Lying is your forte

It’s the best you can be

Manipulative and cunning

That’s you to a T

With your superficial charm

As your main claim to fame

You charmed the socks off me

Again and again

Could have fooled me forever

But the truth is out

I’ve got your number

I know what you’re about

You didn’t succeed

I think you had a fail

I dodged that bullet

Escaped that jail

Little grey men

And women are here

Blending in so well

That they almost disappear

In families and at work

Among our very kin

Pretending to be nice

Destroying from within

Kings and Queens of the cowards

There’s many of them

They don’t deal in colour

These grey woman and men

Wolf in sheep’s pelt

They hide from the light

They’re very good at hiding

Right here in plain sight

When I meet your like again

I can’t guarantee

That I won’t be burned again

Another time or three

You go on your way

I took back all you stole

But psychopath-remember now

I SEE you by your soul

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