Just Give Me One Minute

Just give me one minute and I’ll be right there. I just need to do this little thing with my hair. I’m not always late, I’m sometimes on time. It’s not always your fault, it’s usually mine. Just give me one minute, just one minute more. I just have to mop up this spill on the floor. I’m busy like Martha, but more like Mary I should be, enjoying the moment, instead of making tea. A silence is needed, to hear the drop of a pin. I’m busy doing nothing, getting into a spin. Need to stay calm and attentive, Mary had it right. Listen to a friend, be serene tonight. I’m learning to love the moment and being still at the core. No time like the present, won’t waste a second more. You look as if you need a friend. I think that is my cue. I don’t need one more minute. I’m here to talk to you.

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