Summer Song

(or Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Read a Book Like Me?)

Where’d my book go GQ?

The one I lent to you?

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

You said you liked the theme

It was a first edition

Now I am on a mission

I dig that book a lot

You need to drop it like its hot

Give me back my book

It was meant to be read

You used its pages

To do dope instead

I read it in the sun

chillin’ like a villain

I am never lonely

Shakespeare is my only

Thought you were a John Blaze

A Mc Dreamy snack

But you’re not off the hizzy

Buster, you just wack

Now you need to run the jewels

Or you’re gonna lose

Literature bites

It’s how I got my stripes

You’re not ‘off the hook’

Give me back my book

We had a trump tight season

Now I’m out of reason

My trust was at the max

Now your ass is grass

Summer is over

And so are we

Never a lender or a borrower be.

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